Indie Music Machinima – I Found You

Indie Music Machinima

Indie Music by Luluc inspires at Netherwood. Created by Lauren Bentham, Netherwood is a beautiful virtual retreat based on the real English Lake District. “The Lake District (or Lakeland, as it’s often known) is by far and away the UK’s most popular national park. Every year, some 15 million people pitch up to explore the … Read moreIndie Music Machinima – I Found You

The Escher Experience: Entropy III

escher experience

The Escher Experience at Entropy III Entropy III Quantum Satis by NaTaS Janus is now open to visitors at LEA16. The Escher Experience places you into a dramatically etched city of prims, a playful interpretation of Escher’s graphic works. The center courtyard features an impressive rendition of Escher’s Relativity, and the free anti-gravity walker completes … Read moreThe Escher Experience: Entropy III

Radiohead Machinima – Everything In Its Right Place

Radiohead Machinima

Radiohead + Machinima Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place. From the album Kid A (2000). Filmed at Virtual Furillen. Go to Serene Footman’s website for more info about Virtual Furillen and the real location that inspires it. Lyrics: