Screen Addict [Byte, the recycled Art-Doll]

screen addict

Byte, The Screen Addict Hi. My name’s Byte and I’m a screen addict. Not that it’s entirely my fault, I mean they’re all over the place. TVs and iPads and smart phones and wearable devices and billboards and VR goggles and digital dolls and book readers and monitors, screens¬† connected everywhere, glaring at us glaring … Read moreScreen Addict [Byte, the recycled Art-Doll]

Sprinkles Cupcakes.. and Buttons

sprinkles cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes Like Buttons. Cybertwigs was contacted by Sprinkles Cupcakes last month to feature their button-topped treats alongside our button-eyed critters, as part of their social media presence. It was a fun collaboration to work on. Despite all the buttons involved, none were clickable, pushable, or digital. But it’s good to retain some devices of … Read moreSprinkles Cupcakes.. and Buttons