CYlent Blackout Poem: On Being and Nothingness

On Being and Nothingness – A CYlent Blackout Poem – She will apprehend transcendence. It is a certain art form an idea and a negation of that idea; the double property of human reality.   What I really am is my transcendence. I escape myself, I can feel that I escape myself. Transcendence changed into … Read moreCYlent Blackout Poem: On Being and Nothingness

Screen Addict [Byte, the recycled Art-Doll]

screen addict

Byte, The Screen Addict Hi. My name’s Byte and I’m a screen addict. Not that it’s entirely my fault, I mean they’re all over the place. TVs and iPads and smart phones and wearable devices and billboards and VR goggles and digital dolls and book readers and monitors, screens  connected everywhere, glaring at us glaring … Read moreScreen Addict [Byte, the recycled Art-Doll]

Apps & Playful Creativity: Text, Visuals, & Sounds

Apps & Playful Creativity: PolyFauna

Apps & Playful Creativity This is a list of apps that emphasize the intertwining of words, visuals, and music through creative play. While some incorporate unique artistic qualities, a lot of these apps are on this list because they offer playful experiences that can be quite immersive and inspirational, despite being contained in such small … Read moreApps & Playful Creativity: Text, Visuals, & Sounds

Avatar (A Blackout Poem)

Avatar - Blackout Poem

Avatar (A Blackout Poem) This blackout poem was created from pages 186-187 of Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World. I doubt very much that the human body is a perfect machine. Freedom does not happen in the body it happens in the mind. I decide to run, to deny that there is a body. Because even if I … Read moreAvatar (A Blackout Poem)