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CYlent Blackout Poem: On Being and Nothingness

On Being and Nothingness

– A CYlent Blackout Poem –

She will apprehend transcendence.

It is a certain art form

an idea and

a negation of that idea;

the double property of human reality.

Cylent - Being and Nothingness I  by www.cybertwigs.com

What I really am

is my transcendence.

I escape myself,

I can feel that I escape myself.

Transcendence changed

into infinity of excuses.

Cylent - Being and Nothingness II

“On Being and Nothingness” CYlent I & II are a remediation of Jean-Paul Sarte’s Being and Nothingness, p. 98,99.

The term “CYlent” refers to a creative effect using lenticular motion images specifically designed to be viewed within virtual spaces by avatars (Cyber + Lenticular = CYlent).

Avatar - Blackout Poem Paper

Avatar (A Blackout Poem)

Avatar (A Blackout Poem)

This blackout poem was created from pages 186-187 of Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World.

Avatar - Blackout Poem

I doubt very much that

the human body is a perfect machine.

Freedom does not happen in the body

it happens in the mind.

I decide to run,

to deny that there is a body.

Because even if I have the will

to rise above,

legs become weak

teeth fall out

the body ages.

I am deeply fascinated

by an illusion.

Human hands

muscles, nerves

veins and arteries

that can sometimes deceive

us into believing that

life is infinite.

Are you sitting comfortably?

You are going beforehand.





without her

did things to 

my mind. 

Analog. by cybertwigs.com 


The Sky Was Surrounded

The sky

was surrounded by

a square. Life in a jar.

It is extraordinary.

But she was her own

secret hideout,

and these surroundings were,

between the two of us,

a tiny glimpse

into the magic.

Originally published at TheVirtualReview.



What will truly matter?

When you are tired,

tired of being

(Stop to listen)

We had good things

to be. Good things

to say.


opposites attract Paper

Opposites Attract (A Blackout Poem)

opposites attract

Opposites Attract

Black. White. Black. White.

White. Black.

We’re high

on want. To want more

in an atmosphere of

things we never keep.

We’re so high

on the feeling of