The Metaverse engages users with stories, weaving different mediums, curious minds, and digital creativity into immersive experiences. As active users of the metaverse, we entangle extensions of our selves into this nest, adding to the fabric that braids it together.


“In the age of hypertext . . . our notions of the medium (and consequently of research, knowledge, and knowledge dissemination) are undergoing such vast changes that it would be inconceivable simply to proceed with our study of word-based texts in a manner that is unengaged with such changes”-Rey Chow

METAVERSE is dance

“Less an object than an event, the digital text emerges as a dance between artificial and human intelligences, machine and natural languages, as these evolve together through time . . .” -N.Katherine Hayles, “The Time of Digital Poetry”

METAVERSE is reflection

“A state of continuous construction and reconstruction . . . where anything goes that can be negotiated. Each reality of self gives way to reflexive questioning, irony, and ultimately the playful probing of yet another reality. The center fails to hold” -Sherry Turkle, Life On The Screen
Radiohead Machinima

METAVERSE is you, embodied

“The move to online goes hand in hand with the fullest possible expression of self in the online environment: at this time, the avatar. ” -Edward Castronova, Exodus to the Virtual World