Aqualung and Bonobo set the mood for machinima

Our latest experimental music video machinima come after an online hiatus since our Radiohead inspired attempt at Furillen.

This first one features Collagesity by collage artist baker Bloch. Spread across several buildings on Mainland’s Minoa, Collagesity has transformed the area into an intriguing digital collage, made up of multiple series which continue to grow. Aqualung’s “Strange & Beautiful” makes for an interesting if unexpected pairing:

Aqualung – Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put A Spell On You) from Cybertwigs.

More recently, the fantastic Da Vinci Workshop at Burn2 caught the camera eye. With so much creativity and playful artwork to experience, Burn2 is a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that was a pleasure to film. The theme corresponded with Burning Man’s 2016 Da Vinci Workshop. The participants came up with some wonderful installations inspired by their digital canvas of cracked desert. Bonobo’s “Kiara” -from their album Black Sands- merges electric vibes with smooth strings, and in this context turns into a little nod to the man of science and musical inventions:

Bonobo – Kiara from Cybertwigs.

Finally, here are 2 more machinima artists you might want to check out:

Pearl Grey portrays a refreshingly honest narrative of her virtual experiences. Eupalinos Ugajin offers conceptual ideas in absurdly playful presentations. Both express a creative depth and personal aesthetic that shows off the possibilities of machinima.