Byte, The Screen Addict

screen addict

Hi. My name’s Byte and I’m a screen addict.screen addict

Not that it’s entirely my fault, I mean they’re all over the place. TVs and iPads and smart phones and wearable devices and billboards and VR goggles and digital dolls and book readers and monitors, screens¬† connected everywhere, glaring at us glaring at them.


All those screens equal so much data, so much info to gorge on. I tell you, it’s a lot to digest, and yes, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.




Sure, my eyes will twitch hypnotically at the sight of a screen, and I love gnawing on all those crunchy pixels, but sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone too far.



Then again, I know my appetite for screens cant be all that bad.. Well it’s food for thought.. or ehm, an idea to chew on.

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