What  is Cybertwigs?

The author(s) of this website is an art collective of digital personas, with over a decade of experience as an observer, user and experimental artist of digital media and various virtual environments. MA in comparative cultural studies (educators and scholars are welcome to ask for info and advice re virtual art).

Cybertwigs is an evolving tree, a collection of different topics relating to literature, poetry, mixed media, recycled art-dolls, music, digital/electronic art, and last but not least, creativity in virtual worlds. The connections and parallels between these seemingly disparate experiences often intrigue just as much as the experiences themselves.

All work on this website was created by the author(s) of this website, unless otherwise noted with appropriate links and/or credits to original author(s). That includes any writing, poetry, mixed media images (ie. “blackout poetry”), scanned or digital artwork, mixed media and/or handmade art-dolls, and virtual photography/machinima.

Please note that the virtual photography and machinima of creative installations and scenes in virtual environments, do not imply the author(s) have created all the artwork in the image/film. Just as a real photograph of a garden, does not imply the photographer created the garden. No infringement on anyone’s copyrights or authorship is ever intended. This website is purely non-commercial with the simple intention of sharing enthusiasm towards positive, creative spaces and the artists who make them bloom.

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch, or send an email to talk@cybertwigs.com

Thanks for reading.