Marie-Laure Ryan’s work discusses how online Role-Play allows users the authority to become participating story-tellers, influencing existing narratives and inventing new ones as they play and direct different roles, within a collaborative space of stories.

Holding the strings of the characters, from a position external to both the time and space of the fictional world, the user specifies their properties, makes decisions for them, throws obstacles in their way, and creates different destinies by altering their environment. -Marie-Laure Ryan, Beyond Myth and Metaphor

The fate of these fictional worlds, created out of the dance between users and machines, is shared among users, as complexities emerge from collaborating across multiple authors, multiple realities, and multiple roles. The nature of the metaverse inherently provokes multistable characteristics, drawing users into a recursive loop of self-reflexivity like never before.

A state of continuous construction and reconstruction . . . where anything goes that can be negotiated. Each reality of self gives way to reflexive questioning, irony, and ultimately the playful probing of yet another reality. The center fails to hold. –Sherry Turkle, Life On The Screen.

“The Drax Files: World Makers” by Bernhard Drax is a mixed reality series of narratives that highlights creative users who take advantage of their avatar as productive extensions of their identity in cyberspace.
This episode features Insilico, a cyberpunk city inhabited by the people who reinvent it through their stories. A city where the author is king.