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screen addict

Screen Addict [Byte, the recycled Art-Doll]

Byte, The Screen Addict

screen addict

Hi. My name’s Byte and I’m a screen addict.screen addict

Not that it’s entirely my fault, I mean they’re all over the place. TVs and iPads and smart phones and wearable devices and billboards and VR goggles and digital dolls and book readers and monitors, screens  connected everywhere, glaring at us glaring at them.


All those screens equal so much data, so much info to gorge on. I tell you, it’s a lot to digest, and yes, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.




Sure, my eyes will twitch hypnotically at the sight of a screen, and I love gnawing on all those crunchy pixels, but sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone too far.



Then again, I know my appetite for screens cant be all that bad.. Well it’s food for thought.. or ehm, an idea to chew on.

Social Media Freak

sprinkles cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes.. and Buttons

Sprinkles Cupcakes Like Buttons.

Cybertwigs was contacted by Sprinkles Cupcakes last month to feature their button-topped treats alongside our button-eyed critters, as part of their social media presence. It was a fun collaboration to work on.

Despite all the buttons involved, none were clickable, pushable, or digital. But it’s good to retain some devices of imagination.

Some faves from the photoshoot:

sprinkles cupcakes






Eye Candy

Here’s Candy. Simple-minded, sweet intentioned, and loves a good tongue-twister. Not very talkative but a good listener if you have a few treats laying around.

You Say Potato

This is Awkward Potahto. He enjoys funny memes, but tends to overthink things, and usually realizes what he would have liked to say, after he realizes he didn’t quite say it. But in retrospect, he realizes everyone has their awkward moments.

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Multitasking Toolahs.

This is Toolah. She is a busy multi-tasker, but never underestimates the importance of slowing down and indulging in the finer things in life.


Doodle.. A Tangible Metaphor

This is Doodle, a handheld device of imagination. He likes metaphors and is usually drifting off, deep in his thoughts about life around him.